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Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse was built in a very short time. The construction was initiated in March 1899, and on December 27. 1900 everything was ready for the lighthouse to be lit for the first time. Photo: K. Lund, 1899-1900.
The light in Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse was lit for the first time the 27. December 1900.  The lighthouse was built on the coastal slope’s highest point 60 metres above sea level and a good 200 metres inland.  The price for the construction totalled 176,000 kr.
Sand problems
The lighthouse tower is 23 metres high, and, when the lighthouse was built, it was 200 metres inland; and there were no large dunes around it.  With time the sea moved in closer, and, simultaneously, the wind blew large amounts of sand up from the cliff.  The sand piled up in front of and around the lighthouse.  It filled the well and ruined the kitchen gardens.

To suppress the sand pine grates were set in and  lyme grass and helmet was planted in the dune.  The only result was that the dune just grew larger.  The more that was planted, the more the dune grew.  At last the sand was so high that at times it was impossible to see the light from the sea.  On August 1. 1968 the struggle was given up and the lighthouse was lit for the last time.
In 1898 drawings were made for a lighthouse on Rubjerg Knude.
The Sand Drift Museum
In 1980 the Sand Drift Museum opened, and the lighthouse now was the frame for Vendsyssel Historical Museum’s exhibit on sand and sand drift.  In 1992 the fight against the sand drift was given up.  The dune continued to migrate toward the north east and slowly buried the buildings, and the Sand Drift Museum was closed in 2002.
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Air photo, ca. 1920. The dunes between the sea and the lighthouse grow.
Air photo, 1995. The fight against the sand is given up, and the dunes grow.
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